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Seego Conseal PE2  

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The Seego Conseal PE2 is a new and improved Conseal PE vaporizer now with upgraded battery capacity and a strong aluminum alloy construction for maximum durability.

The Conseal PE2 device is an essential oil vaporizer that utilizes removable and refillable 510 threaded cartridges to vape thin oils with the quick touch of a button.

The PE2 removable cartridge features an anti-leak design with top fill method that allows you to quickly achieve the max fill capacity without allowing any of your material to go to waste.

If it is pre-filled atomizers your prefer, the Seego Conseal PE2 vaporizer is compatible with most 510 threaded cartridges currently on the market measuring up to 10.5mm in diameter. When installing your own pre-filled atomizers simply remove the magnetic connector from the included cartridge and apply it to your atomizer, then drop it into the Conseal's housing and the internal magnets will securely lock into place.

Unlike the original, the Conseal PE2 from Seego comes equipped with a user-friendly atomizer window that allows you to gauge how much oil you have left inside with just a meer glance rather than disassembling the entire device.

Seego's Conseal PE2 Vaporizer is powered by an embedded 1000mAh litihum-ion battery that will provide a working output range of 3.7-4.2V depending on the connected atomizer. This battery features a convenient micro-usb charging method with pass-through charging function that allows you to continue vaping while you charge, an innovative locking feature will help to prevent waste during travel (quickly press the power button 5 times), and a user-friendly LED battery life indicator shines behind the power button while charging. A solid red color will signify the charging process has begun and when the Conseal achieves a full recharge the LED light will shine a solid green.

Measuring in at just over 3.5" tall (with mouthpiece) by about 1.5" wide, the Conseal PE2 vaporizer can easily be concealed in the palm of your hand for discreet vape sessions on the go.

Whether you are in the market for an easy use to use starter vape or simply want something for while your are out and about, the Conseal PE2 Vaporizer from Seego will not disappoint.


1 x Seego Conseal PE2 Batttery

1 x 510 Thread Attachment with Magnetic Adapter

1 x USB Cord

1 x Retail Box (Factory Sealed)


Add VHIT PE-W Wax Tank: Do you prefer vaping both thin oils and thicker waxy material? Add on the VHIT PE-W Waxy Tank Atomizer to enjoy the best of both worlds. This tank comes equipped with a dual coil quartz atomizer for delicious flavor and pristine vapor quality.

Add Extra Magnetic Adapter: The magnetic adapter is a crucial component of the Conseal PE2 device. With it's extremely small size it can be quite easy to lose, add an extra on to your order to ensure you are always prepared and ready to vape no matter the situation.

Add eDab Cartridge Refill Kit to your order and save $1 off regular price. This convenient set includes everything needed to effortlessly refill, store and transport your cartridges.

Additional Information:

Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

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