1. Seego VHIT Glacier Dual Quartz Coil Edition
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Seego VHIT Glacier Dual Quartz Coil Edition

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The Seego VHIT Glacier Dual Coil Edition is a new and improved version of the original Glacier wax vape cartridge from Seego that now comes equipped with dual coil atomizers and an upgraded Pyrex glass tank window for increased durability.

This newest version of the Glacier wax atomizer from Seego VHIT comes stocked with three dual coil atomizers ready to vape right out of the box. These dual coil wax atomizers are rated ~1.6 ohm and feature a dual glass quartz rod heating element for extreme efficiency and delicious flavoring.

The dual coil construction features increased surface area when compared to the original single coil version, this allows you to quickly heat through larger amounts of material with the simple touch of a button.

Seego VHIT chooses a pure glass quartz heating element to deliver a clean tasting vapor that will be hard to match. Unlike other commonly used materials like ceramic, pure glass quartz will not effect your flavor quality, this material will only preserve the natural flavor profile your waxy essential oils produce.

The Dual Coil Glacier from Seego also features an enclosed chamber design with honeycomb style filter that helps to prevent waste. When heating waxy essential oils, they tend to become thin and bubble out of the atomizer, with this design ensures every last bit of material remains within the atomizer, leaving nothing to waste.

A transparent atomizer window gives you a clear view into the cartridge to watch the full vape process go down.This Pyrex glass tube is nearly twice as thick as the original Glacier's to increase it's durability, ensuring it will survive a few severe drops and falls without showing an ounce of damage.

The Glacier Dual Coil wax atomizer from Seego VHIT also features a removable threaded stainless drip tip, two bottom airflow holes for increased vapor production and a 510 threading with eGo beauty collar ensures a flush fit on most 510/eGo style batteries.


~3" Tall x ~0.75" Wide


- 1 x Seego VHIT Glacier

- 3 x Dual Coil Quartz Atomizers (1 Pre-installed)

- 1 x 510 eGo Beauty Collar

- 1 x Cleaning Brush

- 1 x Stainless Dab Tool

Additional Information:

This item is an essential oil or "waxy oil" vaporizer, and is intended for adult use with legal essential oils/concentrates only. This device does not simulate tobacco smoking. It does not contain and is not for use with tobacco, e-liquid, or any other product containing nicotine.

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