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Sidekick Vaporizer 

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The Sidekick Vaporizer is a multi-use portable vape for use with dry blends and concentrates from the highly rated brand, 7th Floor.

This vaporizer features 21 preset temperature levels ranging anywhere from 100°F-455°F, allowing you to find exactly what temperatures work best for each different type of material being used to ultimately create the highest quality vapor possible.

A fully ceramic encased heating element with several air intake holes is used to heat you blends and concentrates, the ceramic chamber is ideal for creating a vapor that is packed with flavor while the intake holes ensure an abundant amount of vapor is being produced with each pull.

This vaporizer is powered by two removable 18650 lithium ion cells that are rated to last around 7-9 sessions at a time and 7th Floor even includes a spare set of two batteries so you never have to wait to vape as you can keep your backup set charged and ready to vape at all times.

A vortex vapor path extends the distance traveled from heating element to mouthpiece, ensuring any vapor produced is as cool as can be before being inhaled.

The Sidekick Vaporizer also features a clear LCD display, a built-in blend stirring mechanism and it is offered in several different colors with optional custom glass attachments to personalize your vape experience.


1 x Hand-blown Glass Mouthpiece

4 x Rechargeable 18350 Li-ion Batteries (2 Sets)

1 x External Battery Wall Charger

1 x Cleaning Brush w/ Alcohol Cleaning Pads

1 x Small Phillips Screwdriver

1 x Stainless Steel Marble Pick 1 x Small Bowl Tong/Scoop

1 x Stainless Steel Oil Can

1 x Huny Bucket Silicone Wax Container

1 x Coconut Oil Mouthpiece Lubricant

1 x Travel Bag

1 x Instruction Manual

Additional Information:

Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

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