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Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen

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Innovative 304 stainless steel pipe screen lasts longer than 1000 typical mesh screens.
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The Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen is the perfect alternative to those classic mesh screens that aren't only outdated, but totally impractical.

Made of surgical quality 304 stainless steel, the small Smojo screen inserts into your bowl while taking up minimum space. It is permanent, and being so, there is no need whatsoever to replace it. In fact, chances are the Smojo screen will outlast your bowl in most cases.

Since it is designed with small clamps that insert into the hole of the bowl, you don't have to worry about the Smojo screen accidentally falling out when emptying or cleaning your pipe. This makes it an even greater value, as it wouldn't do any good if you accidentally threw it away the first day. The Smojo doesn't have holes that can permanently clog, so a quick and easy clean resolves any airflow issues you might encounter.

It is far past due that a screen alternative like this came into being, but the day has finally come. At the price, it is easy and affordable to pick one up for every piece in your collection, or to pass out to friends. So take those mesh screens and throw them straight in the recycling bin, pick yourself up a Smojo screen and start experiencing what it's like to never worry about screen care or replacement again.

Note: To see if the Smojo Screen fits your hand pipe see the fit guide in the included pictures.

  • Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen (Single, 3 pack, 10 pack, or Display Case of 24)

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