Fisherman's Friend Pipe
Fisherman's Friend Pipe
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Brand: Monkey Pipe

Fisherman's Friend Pipe

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Fisherman's Friend Pipe

Fishermans Friend Pipe Special Deal: Buy now and receive 5 pipe screens for FREE. These American made pipe filters are constructed from a US sourced stainless steel, leaving you with an extremely durable filter that will last much longer that just a few uses.

The Fisherman's Friend Pipe is a small wooden pipe handcrafted in the USA by the same manufacturer behind the widely popular Monkey Pipe. The top mouthpiece swivels open and closed to make the Fisherman's Friend tuck down into a super small package for easy transportation. Inside the pipe is a small storage area that is revealed by moving the stainless steel plate covering it. This way you can pack the bowl as well as have extra material stored away.

The stainless steel center and bottom plate don't just add durability to this pipe, they also help cool your smoke before inhalation, delivering a smooth experience each time. When it comes time to clean, simply remove the bottom plate and wipe clean, it's one of the easiest pipes to clean available today.

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- 5 x FREE Screens

- 1 x Fisherman's Friend Pipe

Grinder Upgrades:


The Fisherman's Friend is made of solid hardwood, with stainless steel plate covers for storage.


Portable, Direct Inhalation


Under 1 lb.


Monkey Pipe

Made in the USA

Additional Information:

For use with legal smoking blends only.

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