PYPTEK Pocket Pipe

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PYPTEK Pocket Pipe

The PYPTEK Pocket Pipe by PYP TEK has hit the ground running since its release and shows no signs of slowing down. In a crowded portable pipe market the PYPTEK Pipe easily stands out with excellent build quality, super easy operation, and a sleek aluminum-wrapped glass design. You get all the benefits of a glass piece without the imminent danger of breaking it at any time.

Hand crafted in Colorado, you can see the care taken with each and every PYPTEK Pipe. The glass bowl and all glass smoke path have shock resistant, medical grade silicon o-rings nestled between them and the aluminum shell, offering constant protection from any cracking or breaking due to accidental drops.

The entire PYPTEK pipe comes apart to offer super easy cleaning of the glass parts as well as the screen. The screen is designed to fall right out, no more using random objects around the house to find the quickest way to remove the screen and possibly destroying it, simply unscrew the PYPTEK Pocket Pipe's stem and the screen will easily fall right out. You can even turn the PYPTEK Pipe into a portable oil vaporizer with the PYPTEK Universal, Domless Embyr Nail or Quartz Oil Kit attachments (sold separately).

The PYPTEK Pocket is just as it sounds, a scaled down version of the PYPTEK Titan, giving you everything you love about PYPTEK Pipes in a small portable package. Invest in yours today in six sharp available color options.

Be sure to add on the RYOT SmellSafe HeadCase at a discounted price above to safely/discreetly travel with your PYPTEK Pocket Pipe and all of it's accessories. (See images)

Features & Specs

  • Authentic Pyptek Brand Guaranteed / Newest Version
  • Mini Portable Version of Titan Pipe
  • Dimensions ~4" (L) x 0.75 (W) x 2" (H)
  • Weight: 238g
  • Combines Benefits of Glass Pipes with Durability of Metal
  • Heavy Duty 6160 Anodized Aluminum Aircraft Grade Exoskeleton
  • Premium Borosilicate Removable Glass Internal Parts (Bowl & Stem)
  • Shock-Absorbing Rubber O-Ring Gaskets
  • Stainless Steel Filter Screen Attachment
  • Compatible with All Pyptek Concentrate Attachment Options
  • Six Sharp Color Options Available 
  • Made in Denver, Colorado


  • 1 x PYPTEK Pocket Pipe
  • 1 x Save-A-Bowl Band
  • 1 x Set of Spare O-Rings/Screens
  • 1 x Pyptek Brand Sticker

Genuine PYPTEK Pipe Parts and Accessories:

Additional Information:

For use with legal smoking blends only.

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