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Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

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The Universal 2 Sided Dugout by Tactical Hit Company made right here in the US is a down right powerhouse when it comes to dugouts. Forget the standard wood finish you may be used to seeing and replace that with Tactical's aircraft grade anodized aluminum casing, as well as anodized aluminum turn tops on both the top and bottom of the dugout.

Twist the top to reveal a spring loaded super tough spring loaded three hitter stainless steel bat with jagged edges to help grind your material before use and also pick up anything sticking to the bottom as well as a storage space for material. Twist the bottom to reveal a cleaning tool and an additional storage area. Both twist tops are 100% adjustable. Meaning you can adjust the tension using the supplied adjusting wrench to make the top or bottom swing open with ease or give resistance when opening and everything in between.

Tactical One Hit Company took a simple idea in the classic smoking dugout and took it to the next level.


~1.75in/44mm x ~0.5in/13mm x ~3.5in/89mm


- Universal 2 Sided Dugout

- Stainless Steel Two Hitter Bat with Jagged Edge

- Stainless Steel Poker

- All Purpose Adjusting Wrench

Looking for something smaller? The Tactical Hit Company Universal Dugout is also available in a mini size.

Additional Information:

For use with legal smoking blends only.

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