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Dual Coil eDab Stealth eSkillet Cartridge 

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The eDab Stealth eSkillet Dual Coil wax atomizer features a dual wick heating element to produce twice as much vapor in half the time, while working to eliminate waste. As the name implies, this discreet cartridge looks like a traditional pen vaporizer tank, so you can pull it out and generate thick clouds of vapor without drawing the eye of any curious onlookers.

The Stealth has a solid stainless build with a rubberized exterior, allowing you to throw your pen in your pocket without worry of any fragile pieces breaking. The eSkillet may disguise itself as a regular vape pen cartridge, but the twin heating coils hide beneath the sleek black design of this stealthy cartridge are specially designed for exclusive use with essential oils and concentrates.

Like the single coil version this powerful skillet atomizer makes use of an enlarged ceramic concentrate dish that allows for easy loading of your favorite material. Double the coils means double the vapor in half the time. The dual wicks help to absorb and hold your material on the element so less can reach the bottom of the dish for the most efficient experience possible.

The Dual Coil Stealth eSkillet can be used with any ego threaded vape pen battery (most common) or mod by using a 510 thread adapter, for optimal performance use with an eDab Spin battery (found here). The Dual Coil Stealth eSkillet can be used optimally with any mod or battery that utilizes a 510-threaded connection (adapter may be required).

Replacing a Stealth eSkillet coil is as simple as removing the base of the cartridge from the cone (top) and screwing in a new one when the time comes. The Stealth's mouthpiece is also made of stainless steel and any part of your Stealth eSkillet cartridge can be replaced separately, so you never have to buy an entire cartridge again.

Each Stealth eSkillet coil can typically last several months, offering the perfect mix of efficiency, durability and value. Many users end up changing out coils out of preference before they ever actually burn out. Now available in a pack of 5 at a 20% discount!


-1 x eDab Stealth eSkillet Dual Coil Cartridge comprised of 3 parts: Stainless Mouthpiece, Cone (Body), and Stealth eSkillet Dual Coil. If selecting the Pack of 5 option above you will receive 5 complete Dual Coil eSkillet Cartridges.

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