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Titan 1 Vaporizer

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The Titan 1 is an advanced dry blend vaporizer in a sleek and stealthy package. Measuring in at just over five inches tall by just under an inch thick this vaporizer comfortably fits in a pants or jacket pocket without giving any clue to it's whereabouts. A combination of this unit's small size and simple one button operation makes it a great vape for someone looking vaporize dry blend quickly on the go without being noticed.

The Titan vaporizer features a stainless steel heating chamber that was designed to quickly and effortlessly vaporize dry herb, creating a smooth and flavorful vapor. On the sides of the device you will see air intake vents implemented to prevent over heating, allowing long sessions of up to ten minutes at a time. This vaporizer has an adjustable temperature system with three preset levels ranging from 360°F-420°F, giving the user the opportunity to find what works best for them. It's all about personal preference, a higher temperature will provide a thick vapor where a lower temperature will give a vapor that has a smooth draw.

This device is powered by an embedded lithium-ion battery that is conveniently charged through a micro-usb charging port, found on the bottom of the vaporizer. The battery used has a large capacity of 2200mAh which will provide multiple sessions per charge. Never will you wait to vape again as this vaporizer comes equipped with a pass-through charging function, allowing you to continue using the unit as the battery is charging.

To begin using the Titan 1 vaporizer first remove the mouthpiece to expose the stainless steel heating chamber. Once the chamber is exposed loosely pack your material, keeping in mind that overfilling or packing will restrict airflow and ultimately reduce vapor production. Then power up the device by quickly pressing the power button five times, you will know it is on once the power button is glowing red and the LED temp indicator is glowing red, green or blue to indicate one of three preset temperature levels. Red indicates 360°F, green is 380°F and blue is 420°F. To swap between the three heat levels simply hold the power button down for three seconds while the device is powered on. After the desired temperature is reached begin slowly and steadily inhaling for optimum results. After about 10 minutes of continuous use the Titan 1 Vaporizer will power off in order to prevent overheating and damage to the device. 

Add the Titan 1 Vaporizer to your collection today and you will soon see that quickly vaporizing dry blends on the go has never been so simple!


1 x Titan 1 Vaporizer

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x Cleaning Brush

5 x Replacement Screens

3 x Silicone Hygenic Tips

2 x Silicone Cooling Tips

1 x User Manual

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