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Tonys Cherry Lemonade E-Liquid 100mL

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Tonys Cherry Lemonade E-Liquid 100mL is the latest tart lemonade creation from the e-juice experts at Tony's Liquids.

This edition to their lineup of delicious beverage blends features their signature tart lemonade base that is then mixed with juicy cherry blast  to create a mouthwatering flavor that goes great on those hot summer days, or any day for that matter.

Tonys Liquids hasn't been in the game long but they have quickly made a name for themselves for offering amazing, long-lasting flavors at an affordable cost.

Treat yourself to a massive 100mL bottle of this delicious cherry lemonade infusion today, you will be sorry you haven't done it sooner.


- 1 x Tonys Cherry Lemonade E-Liquid 100mL

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