14mm Adjustable Cosmic Titanium Nail
14mm Adjustable Cosmic Titanium Nail
Item ID: COSIPP6S167
Brand: Cosmic Case

14mm Adjustable Cosmic Titanium Nail

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14mm Adjustable Cosmic Titanium Nail

Cosmic's adjustable nail is manufactured in California and made from grade 2 titanium for superior strength and quality when dabbing your concentrates. The Cosmic nail has a 2 part design that can be adjusted to the perfect length, so you always have the right nail no matter what rig you're using it in. Angled flow fins not only give this concentrate tool an awesome look, but provides cooler puffs with increased airflow.

The Cosmic Ti Nail has a counterweight to balance your nail while using it to assure it doesn't tip when heating or dabbing. The base shaft of the nail features the official Cosmic logo as a simple reminder that you are dabbing with quality and style.

Note: Be sure to season your titanium nail before first use. Heat the unused nail until it is red hot and then submerge it in water until it is cooled. Repeat this 3-7 times as needed, tempering the titanium and extending the overall life of the nail.


- 1 x Cosmic Titanium Adjustable Nail 14mm

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