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18mm Adjustable Cosmic Titanium Nail

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All of Cosmic’s products are made in the USA with pride and attention to detail and their adjustable titanium nail is no different. This wonderful little concentrate tool has a 2 piece design that uses precision threading to adjust its length to just the right size every time. This is so that it can fit in almost any 18mm down stems, even custom designed rigs.

A counterweight on the bottom provides perfect balance and prevents your nail from tilting while your heat or dab your wax. The flow fins are cut on an angle to provide a cooling airflow effect while also lending a pretty nice look. The official Cosmic logo is proudly etched into the shaft of the nail so that you know you're dabbing with the real deal.

Note: Be sure to season your titanium nail before first use. Heat the unused nail until it is red hot and then submerge it in water until it is cooled. Repeat this 3-7 times as needed, tempering the titanium and extending the overall life of the nail.


- 1 x Cosmic Titanium Adjustable Nail 18mm

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