Killer Bee Glass Extractor

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The Killer Bee is an all glass extraction tool designed to extract "honey oils" from your favorite materials in a clean and safe manner. Although the original Honey Bee and larger Queen Bee are made from safe chemical resistant plastic, this all glass extractor was designed for those with the purest intentions.

Just grind your materials, lightly pack up to 100 grams in the 12 inch x 2.5 inch glass tube, close the lid, and insert your butane. You're now ready to start extracting oils for your material with this large non-reactive glass extraction tool.

Don't mess with phony and possibly dangerous imposters, grab the real Honey Bee Extractors all glass Killer Bee extraction tool and find out what all the "buzz" is about.

Important note: For optimum use, load material into the Killer Bee loosely and avoid over-packing.


- 1 x Genuine Killer Bee glass butane extractor

- 2 x Filters

- 1 x Instruction Sheet

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