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YZ-696 Jet Torch Lighter

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YZ-696 Jet Torch Lighter

You can feel the immense power of the YZ-696 Jet Torch Lighter once you pick it up. This straight angled torch is heavy duty and has a few features that add to its thick sturdy build. A clear butane tank on the bottom of the torch lets you see just how much fue you have left. This takes the guess work out of when to refill and assures you don't hit empty in the middle of using it. A quick lock and kill igniter switch makes this Jet torch extremely easy to use. The jet adjuster wheel can change between 2 different open flames and a jet torch stream. Below the igniter is the intensity controller throw which can aid in producing a massive flame or torch stream when set on the higher side.


- YZ-696 Jet Torch Lighter

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