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4 x 7 Mahogany Exotic Zombie Sifting Box

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Increase your pollen collection without any extra work by storing your materials in a wooden sifting box. These boxes use a mesh screen to filter the pollen from your material, with a glass plate below to collect them.

Exotic Zombie are one of the leading wood sifting box manufacturers, in large part due to their high standards in quality. All of their wooden boxes are handcrafted in the USA with responsibly harvested wood and then finished with a natural linseed oil.

Zombie boxes come apart into 4 pieces, the lid, the screen, the 1/8" glass collection tray, and the frame. All of these pieces fit snugly into the frame and are held tightly using a wood lock. This small Exotic Zombie sifting box measures 4 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 3 inches tall making it a great box for home or travel.


- 1 x Exotic Zombie Mahogany Sifting Box 4" x 7"

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