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7 x 10 Mahogany Exotic Zombie Sifting Box

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Get more from your material with a premium Exotic Zombie sifting box. The fine mesh screen inside filters the pollen off of the material that is stored inside and collects them below on a glass tray for easy scraping.

Exotic Zombie stands out from many other sifting boxes because they feature a removable sifting screen. This paired with their exceptional design makes Exotic Zombie one of the top sifting boxes available in a crowded market.

All of the pieces slide together seamlessly and are locked in the frame using 2 swivel wood locks, no unnecessary spilling to speak of. This Exotic Zombie sifting box measures 7 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 3 inches tall, making it a great box for those looking to seriously kick up their pollen collection.


- 1 x Exotic Zombie Mahogany Sifting Box 7" x 10"

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