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6 x 6 Cutting Board Wildflower Sifting Box

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Sifting boxes serve 2 purposes, one is to store your materials away, while the other is to collect the pollen from the material through sifting. This Wildflower sifting box does both of these things and delivers them in a strong and durable package.

Wildflower ups the quality level over many other pollen boxes out there. When you first hold the Wildflower box you can immediately tell the difference in durability and quality. The official Wildflower logo is branded into the side to prove its authenticity.

The Wildflower sifter comes apart into 3 pieces for easy usage and cleaning and is held together with a series of strong magnets. At just 6 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 3 inches tall it makes a great box for those who don't need something huge, but are also looking to store a decent amount of material.


1 x Wildflower Cutting Board Sifting Box 6 x 6

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