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9 x 12 Maple Hardwood Wildflower Sifting Box

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If you're looking to store and sift a large quantity of materials then the Wildflower sifting box is where it's at. This whopping monster of a box measures measures in at 9 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 3 inches tall.

Sifting boxes separate the pollen from your material using a mesh screen filter and a glass mirror collecting tray below. The lid, sifting screen, and the mirror collection tray are held together using a series of strong magnets that make opening and closing the box incredibly quick and easy.

This beautiful wooden sifting box is iron branded with the official Wildflower logo to prove its authenticity and add a bit of flare to the overall look.


1 x Wildflower Maple Hardwood Sifting Box 9 x 12

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