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The Alivi8 is a small portable vaporizer that really focuses on quick, convenient and efficient vaporization away from home. The Alivi8 heats up almost instantly simply with the use of a standard lighter and even fits right in your pocket comfortably thanks to its curved design. The creators of the Alivi8, Red-Eye, are metal working masters and are showing off some of their best work with the Alivi8's medical grade stainless steel design, making the Alivi8 as durable as it is convenient.

The ceramic filter works to actively stop the flame of your lighter from touching your material, achieving very quick and smooth vapor pulls. What makes the Alivi8 stand out though is its inner maze that the vapor travels through before inhalation, cooling the vapor to a comfortable temperature each and every time.


- Alivi8 Portable Vaporizer

- 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder

- Mini Amber Glass Storage Jar

- Stainless Steel Poker

- Instruction Manual


The Alivi8 has a stainless steel build with a ceramic filter.


Portable, Direct Inhalation



Made in the UK

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Lifetime warranty restricted to normal use.

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