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Cherry Wood Premium Arizer Solo Mouthpiece V2

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Cherry Solo Stem V2 now in stock: Featuring improved design and tight fit blend chamber! (The V2's metal chamber is NOT meant to be removed. Removing it will break the stem permanently and destroy your unit. Again, if it is removed, it cannot be reattached and we will be unable to assist you. It is not necessary to remove the chamber to replace the screen.)

Arizer is known for using glass pieces with their vaporizers to help produce top quality vapor, however many have complained about the travel restrictions the sensitive glass parts have caused with the Arizer Solo. Worry no longer, with these premium wooden mouthpiece stems that are designed for a travel friendly and fashionable experience, you can put the portable back in your your Arizer Solo vaporizer.

After months of development, this premium mouthpiece has been designed, manufactured, and assembled exclusively for EZVapes by Tactical Hit Co. in Michigan, USA. This premium cherry wood Solo stem features a medical grade stainless steel tip with a fine mesh screen to hold and vaporize large capacities of material with ease. Max air flow grooves promote better heat circulation for smoother pulls and an even vaporization of material by allowing the stem to go deeper into the Solo's heating chamber without blocking its air vents. Version 2, released in June 2015, features an tight fitting blend chamber that will not come loose with use.

Unlike foreign woods that can potentially be toxic, this American made Solo stem is precision crafted from North American cherry wood and contains no heavy glues or adhesives, for a pure vapor experience. The cherry wood has a natural rich red color with long wood grains and is finished with an all natural bee's wax  to maintain its beauty and prevent aging or splintering.

Enjoy your Arizer Solo in more places without sacrificing the purity of your vapor quality with this premium cherry wood mouthpiece.


- 1 x Cherry Wood Mouthpiece Stem V2 for the Arizer Solo (with screen)

- 1 x Replacement Screen

Available in 2 other fine finishes:

Oak wood

Walnut wood

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