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Oak Wood Premium Arizer Solo Mouthpiece

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Put the portable back in your Arizer Solo vaporizer with this premium, American-made wooden mouthpiece, crafted exclusively for EZVapes by Tactical Hit Company. Designed, developed, and assembled in Michigan, this mouthpiece is precision crafted from North American oak wood and medical grade stainless steel to provide a durable and pure vapor delivery system for your Arizer Solo.

The stainless steel chamber is designed with a larger capacity and features max air flow grooves to allow the stem to go further into the Solo's heating chamber without blocking its vents. This promotes a more consistent, efficient and even vaporization of your material with less work.

Foreign woods can be potentially toxic, but this wooden Solo stem is made from North American oak wood and contains no heavy glues, adhesives, harsh stains or lacquers, to provide a pure vapor experience. This stem is even finished with an all natural bee's wax to maintain its beautiful contrasting oak wood grain and prevent aging or splintering, even after extensive use.

Oak wood is known for its density and strength, making it perfect for travel use with your Arizer Solo vaporizer.

Important Notes:

As this unit does not use glues or adhesives it is normal for the metal part to come loose from the wood when it heats and expands during use. The manufacturer Tactical Hit Company recommends allowing the stem to cool in the unit after last session and says this can tighten the grip on the wood after the metal has contracted. Since the Solo is held upright or at a 45 degree angle, gravity will always hold the stem in place when in use unless you are holding it upside down or at an upward angle. They are handcrafted to fit perfectly and the seam where the wood touches the metal is perfect enough for an airtight grip whether or not it is technically "attached" and will not leak vapor while in use. Holding the wooden tip against your mouth (no differently then using a glass stem and with no additional required pressure) is usually way more than enough to keep the fit tight between the wood and metal enough while using. Simply place the wooden part in the metal part heat and lift to your mouth, when gently pressed against your mouth it will fit and work fine.


- 1 x Oak Wood Mouthpiece Stem for the Arizer Solo

- 1 x Replacement Screen

Available in 2 other fine finishes:

Cherry wood

Walnut wood

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