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HELOS-G Advanced Glass Globe Cartridge Set 

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Now available with optional HELOS-G Hybdrid Coils!

The HELOS-G from eDab is a premium waxy oil cartridge with a unique one piece all glass dome and airway path. The HELOS-G not only looks cutting edge with its refined design and laser etched logo on base; but is also durable, efficient, and easy to keep operational, so you spend more time vaping and less time cleaning.

The "G" in HELOS-G represents the sleek borosilicate glass dome, which instantly produces and delivers vapor from concentrates placed on the eNail coil. The innovative all-in-one globe design provides better airflow and in turn provides more efficient vapor delivery. By eliminating the need for a plastic mouthpiece the HELOS-G's glass airway path further reduces the materials your vapor comes in contact with during use.

The all glass globe is naturally easier to clean and with no separate mouthpiece there is one less part to lose or replace. The clear O-rings combined with all glass globe and shiny metal base make the HELOS-G look stylish and visually stunning with batteries and mods of any color or style, something that cannot be said for most other carts in its class.

The HELOS-G's replaceable eNail coils feature a large ceramic dish for fast and easy loading. This makes it easier to get your material on the coil where it belongs and not all over the place. The extra short nail allows for maximum vapor diffusion and cooling before inhalation, further enhancing your experience. Replacing an eNail is as simple as unscrewing the old one and screwing a new one on as needed.

Now available to purchase with eDab's new Hybrid Coils, the HELOS-G offers even greater efficiency. These hybrid coils sport a mix of features from both the eNail and eFunnel coil to create the ultimate atomizer for concentrates and oils. With a stainless steel funnel design and a raised heating element, the Hybrid coil makes loading your material easier than ever before while also ensuring you are not losing any material to an extremely deep reservoir.

This HELOS-G cartridge set includes 510 threaded base, 2 replacement eNail or Hybrid coils (3 total) and dome, everything needed to use it right out of the box plus keep it vaping like new.

The HELOS-G has a working voltage of 3.2V - 4.2V and can be used with most 510/ego threaded batteries and mods. For best results use with an authentic eDab Spin Variable Voltage Battery.


- 1 x HELOS-G Cartridge Set (consisting of the following parts)

- 1 x One-Piece Borosilicate Glass Dome

- 3 x Your Choice of eNail or Hybrid Coils

- 1 x Laser Etched Cartridge Base

- 1 x Retail Box With Protective Foam

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