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HELOS Mini Glass Globe Cartridge Set 

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The HELOS Mini cartridge set is a portable powerhouse for concentrates and essential oils. Use as a replacement for your eDab HELOS Mini vaporizer or on most other micro style vape pen batteries.

This complete replacement set includes an atomizer base, borosilicate glass globe, mouthpiece, and 3 atomizer coils available in 2 unique designs.

The eNail and eFunnel both feature titanium heating element and ceramic coils for maximum heat production and retention, so you get more results while using less power. Both atomizer styles can easily be removed from the atomizer base for quick replacement and affordable upkeep, making these cartridges perfect for heavy use.

The eNail features an enlarged dish which makes loading the coil fast and mess free, especially when working with thick oils and concentrates. This enlarged dish design can hold a great amount of waxy or essential oil to produce consistent smooth vapor quality without clogging.

The eFunnel design adds a stainless steel funnel around a ceramic dish, making it easy to push stray material down toward the coil located at the bottom of the dish and eliminating waste. The eFunnel coil works with both waxy oils and solid concentrates giving you more options when vaporizing.

Gauge your vapor volume and quality at a glance with the 100% borosilicate glass globe. The clear glass globe provides a 360 degree view of your heating coil while it's in action, taking all of the guess work out of getting your perfect pull. The base of the HELOS Mini cartridge set fits very tightly into the battery, preventing it from coming loose easily. To remove the cartridge from the battery just grab the base (black part) tightly with your thumb and index finger and wiggle left and right as you gently pull it out.

Keeping the HELOS Mini cartridge clean is as easy as disassembling the mouthpiece and glass globe and soaking and rinsing away any left behind material.

Grab a HELOS Mini Cartridge Set in either eNail or eFunnel design and keep your HELOS Mini, or other micro style vape battery consistently pumping out fresh quality vapors.

Don't have a micro battery? Add the HELOS Mini battery and start vaping right away! Compatible with most standard Android phone charger.


Complete HELOS Mini Cartridge (Comprised of the following parts)

- 1 x Borosilicate Glass Dome

- 3 x Atomizer Coils

- 1 x Cartridge Base

- 1 x Mouthpiece

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