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Yocan Pandon 

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The Yocan Pandon is a slim and stealthy wax pen vaporizer from Yocan Tech that comes with the option of using either one or two atomizer heads for extreme efficiency.

Yocan's Pandon Vaporizer measures under 5 inches tall by just over half an inch thick, leaving with an ultra thin vaporizer that easily slides into a pants pocket for discreet travel.

Designed for use with waxy essential oils, the Pandon Vaporizer from Yocan tech comes equipped with QDC (Quartz Dual Coil) atomizers that can quickly heat medium to thick essential oils with just the simple touch of a button.

This innovative device grants you the option of using either one or two QDC atomizers at a time. Some days you may want to remain discreet with a thin vapor while you are out in public and others you may may need to increase you overall vapor production, with Yocan's Pandon Vaporizer you are able to just that.

Each of these QDC atomizer heads come stocked with the innovative Yocan coil cap system. When heating essential oils they will often spatter throughout the atomizer leaving you with quite a bit of waste. The QDC coil cap will trap all of your material inside the heating element and ensure that every last bit goes to use.

If a quad coil set up is not enough for you, the Pandon Vaporizer also comes equipped a variable voltage power source that offers full control over your output. Quickly press the Pandon's power button 5 times within 2 seconds to power on the device, from here you will press that button 2 more times to toggle through the three preset output levels: 3.5V, 3.8V, 4.2V. Each output levels is siginified by a different colored LED light indicator with green showing the minium output, blue is the mid-level and white shows the Pandon's maximum output setting.

This rechargeable litihum-ion battery utilizes a large 1300mAh capacity that will deliver several cycles between each recharge. The Pandon's Battery also features a convenient micro-usb charging method with pass-through charging function that will allow you to continue vaping while you recharge and a 10 second auto shut off safety feature will help to preserve your battery life and precious waxy oils by killing power to the atomizer after 10 seconds of continuous use.

If you are in the market for a wax pen vaporizer that is both efficient and discreet then look no further the Pandon is just the vape for you. With an affordable price, variable voltage output and unique quad coil setup, this vape is guaranteed to impress!


1 x Atomizer Tube
2 x Quartz Double Coils
2 x Coil Caps
1 x Battery
1 x Dab Tool
1 x USB Charger

Additional Information:

Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

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