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Yocan Torch QDC Atomizer Coils

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The Yocan Torch QDC Atomizer Coils are authentic replacement atomizer heads made exclusively for use with Yocan's portable domeless e-nail attachment, the Torch Vaporizer.

These replacement atomizer heads will quickly restore your Torch Vaporizer to it's former glory as it was out of the box, creating a thick vapor that is packed with flavor.

Each Torch QDC Atomizer Coil can be used with Yocan's innovative coil cap system to prevent the possibility of leaks while heating, ensuring all of your material goes to use.

Yocan manufactures their Torch atomizer coils with a dual coil construction to allow you to quickly vape through massive amounts of material with just the simple touch of a button.

Yocan implements a pure glass quartz heating element to eliminate the burnt taste that often comes with traditional fiber or ceramic wicks. Not only will this material create a top notch quality of flavor it will also deliver a truly pristine vapor quality that is hard to match.

Keep your Torch Vaporizer pumping out fresh, tasty clouds for plenty of time to come with this 5 pack of replacement atomizer heads from Yocan Tech.


- 5 x Yocan Torch QDC Atomizer Coils

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