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Yoda Medium 4 Piece Cosmic Grinder 53mm

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The Yoda Medium 4 Piece Cosmic Grinder 53mm is a limited edition premium quality US-made grinder from Cosmic Case that features a unique engraving of Yoda from Star Wars on the lid. As all other Cosmic grinders, this piece is constructed from a durable anodized aluminum that resists your everday wear and tear, smudging, scratches etc.This grinder comes equipped with Cosmic's precision razor teeth that will shred through any type of blend you throw at it, a set of neodymium rare earth magnets hold the lid tightly shut in order to keep all of your material safely closed inside and a stainless steel sifting screen filters any pollen that falls from your blends and spices down into the bottom collection compartment. The Cosmic Yoda grinder has a diameter of about 2.125" or 53mm, an ideal size for grinding a good amount of blend for personal use yet small enough to travel comfortably with.


-1 x Yoda Medium 4 Piece Cosmic Grinder 53mm

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